Mail Services - Students

Mail and Package Services

The new mail and package location allows Housing Services, Residential Life, and Mail Services to centralize the mail in one location, eliminate the need for mailbox keys, reduce the number of mailing addresses, extend hours, and provide better service to our residents. Staff will be able to process mail and packages faster, more efficiently and with greater accuracy. Residents will no longer have to hassle with keys or fiddle with trying to open their box and don't have to worry about losing their mailbox key now.

Your Campus Address

Every resident will be assignement an on campus mailing address with a specific mailbox number. The resident will address their mail like this:

Resident's First and Last Name (as it was provided on their application - no nicknames)
1701 E. Cotati Avenue #XXXX (box number will range from 1 - 3225 and provided in your room assignment information)
Rohnert Park, CA 94928

Housing Services is responsible for maintaining your on campus mailing address through SSU Online Services.

Where To Pick up Mail and Packages

Residential Community will have one mail and package distribution location. All residents will pick up individual small mail, such as letters, bills, cards, etc as well as packages at the Zinfandel Service Desk located in the Zinfandel Village. There is no longer a need to have a mailbox key or utilize the mailboxes in the various villages.

Mail and Package Operating Hours

The Zinfandel Service Desk will be open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. unless otherwise noted during holidays. 


Mail which includes small letters, bills, cards, magazines, etc that would normally fit in a small box will be held at the Zinfandel Service Desk. Residents will not be notified when mail arrives, but residents can check anytime during the operating hours. Please make sure you bring your SSU ID and know your mailbox number. 


Packages which include boxes and envelopes of many sizes and shapes are processed through our Notifii system. This usually includes items that are trackable by Fed Ex, USPS, UPS, or other delivery companies. The delivery companies, except USPS, will drop off at Zinfandel and then staff will check-in the package. USPS packages and mail have to be delivered to the campus Receiving department which is only open Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and has set delivery times. This usually causes a delay in when the package is checked in at Zinfandel and notification to you. The companies delivery tracking notification does not represent that the package is ready for pickup.

Once the package has been checked-in, an email notification will be sent to your SSU email account letting you know that a package is ready for pick-up. You can then go to the Zinfandel Service Desk, show your ID, and pick up your package.

Mislabeled Mail or Packages

To ensure the fastest delivery of your mail and packages, your family, friends, relatives, and other third parties need to have your correct address. If they come mislabeled this will slow down the delivery time as staff will need to troubleshoot the item and determine who it belongs too. If you are a returning resident, please make sure you update all of your accounts such as Amazon with this years address.